Do You Know What the 2-2-2 Rule Is?

Do You Know What the 2-2-2 Rule Is?

Medicare inspectors have been instructed to determine if the facility they are surveying is actually a hospital or not. The criteria they use is the “2-2-2 Rule.” It is a test to determine that there are at least two patients in-house at the time of the survey, and that the hospital has an average daily census of two patients with an average length of stay of two days.

Interestingly enough, we are trying to move patients out of the hospital by doing more outpatient cases and discharging patients earlier to home. Some surgical hospitals have trouble meeting the two patients in-house on Sunday and Monday, as the inpatient procedures done on Friday often go home in one or two days.

Be sure to ask an SMP Professional more about the 2-2-2 Rule and how ensure you’re in compliance.

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