Employee Handbooks Should Not Be Underestimated

Employee Handbooks Should Not Be Underestimated

Starting up a surgery center requires a lot of dedication, especially when positioning the right candidates for the job. Sabrina Westbrook, administrator for Premier Surgical Center in Madison, Mississippi, says the importance of the employee handbook “should not be underestimated.”

ASC employee handbooks provide staff a “road map” of sorts, outlining how they’re supposed to act and perform. “The handbook should clearly state an employee’s rights and responsibilities while outlining an ASC’s legal obligations as an employer” says Amy Hanisch, director of Human Resources and administrative services at SMP. “It should also provide an overall view of what employees should expect of a company’s culture.”

On top of covering the essentials such as operational details and general workplace rules, employee handbooks should – most of all – be engaging.

“It is often the first document provided to a new hire and sometimes the only document that all employees are required to read,” Hanisch says. “If you believe in your company’s vision, policies and procedures, you should help ensure employees will want to take the time to read about, use and refer to their handbooks regularly.”

Treat your employee handbook as a living document – reviewing, revising and recirculating it every year. As needs arise for possible changes to the handbook, it’s advised to first discuss them with physician owners.

If something happens that is not covered or addressed clearly in the handbook, you’ll have to be sure to learn from it and make edits to the handbook accordingly. Whenever updates are made, clearly communicate any changes and additions to employees and have them sign an acknowledgment stating they were informed of the revisions.

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